Ruth's List Spotlight: Rep. Janet Cruz

As Leader-Designate, Representative Cruz will be the first Latina to hold the position of leader in the Florida House of Representatives. She was elected to lead the Democrats during the 2016-2018 term unanimously by her peers.

And in 2013, Representative Cruz, as the Ranking Member of the House Committee on Ethics and Elections was a main architect in passing HB 7019, a elections reform package signed by the Governor. In response to the long lines at polling stations during the 2012 presidential election. HB 7019 included more early voting days and hours as well as more voting locations.

This Legislative Session, the Representative sponsored HB 607 that would require the Department of Health to create and maintain a list of hazardous chemicals that are found in consumer products that could do harm to pregnant women and children. This list would be posted on the department's website and would have list of alternative products when possible.

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