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Judge invalidates Florida's congressional districts, appeal likely

July 10, 2014News Clip

In a ruling released late Thursday, Circuit Court Judge Terry Lewis blasted the Republican establishment that created Florida's congressional map, saying they "made a mockery" of transparency, allowed for "improper partisan intent" and he ordered that two of the state's 27 districts drawn in 2012 violate the Fair District standards.

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Health care failures take toll on Florida

July 3, 2014News Clip

NOTE:  One of the most damning actions of the Republican-controlled State Legislature is their refusal to accept more than $51 billion in FREE federal funds to provide health coverage to poor Floridians.  This commentary itemizes the lives and livelihoods lost.  The best way to turn this around: elect more progressive, Democratic women.

The cost of inaction so far in Florida:

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