What We Do


Ruth's List Florida is dedicated to building a progressive Florida by recruiting, supporting, and electing pro-choice, Democratic women leaders to the State Cabinet, Legislature, county commissions, city councils, and other key positions around Florida. 

We accomplish this with training, campaign assistance, early money, and a network of members giving their skills, time, and finances to help women win.

  • In 2008 - our first year - Ruth's List helped elect four progressive, Democratic women to the Legislature. 
  • In 2010, Ruth's List supported candidates up and down the ballot with training, financial support, and other assistance.  Every one of our candidates with a primary, won their election -- in a very difficult environment.
  • In 2011, Ruth's List helped elect two new progressive, Democratic women to the Tampa City Council and re-elect one more.  As a result, the entire Tampa City Council is now Democratic.
  • In 2012, Ruth's List trained nearly 300 pro-choice women planning to run for state and local office.  Nine of our 12 candidates with a primary won their election, assuring that the number of Democratic, progressive women in the State Legislature matched that of the 2011-12 cycle.  We actively support eight legislative candidates for the General Election.  Four of those won, bringing the total pro-choice, Democratic women in the legislature to 20.  People like you helped them win!

If you are thinking about running for office today or sometime in the future, we can help you get started. Contact us for a copy of Thinking of Running for Office, A Guide for Democratic Women Candidates, published by EMILY's List. This manual outlines a step-by-step process for reviewing the things to consider as an aspiring candidate for political office. Visit our website for details on upcoming candidate seminars and trainings.


Ruth's List also supported Fair Districts Florida, which worked  to put two constitutional amendments on the ballot in November 2010 to end gerrymandering. These amendments - #5 for the legislature and #6 for the U. S. Congress - require district boundaries to be drawn fairly, instead of favoring one party over another. Ruth's List is a leader in the effort to bring standards and balance to this critical process. In 2012, we witnessed the benefit of this extraordinary effort: many more State House districts are competitive now than in the past.  These new districts made it possible to break the Republican super majority for the 2013 legislative session.  Our next goal is to reach 40%+1 in the state house or senate -- and stop the legislature from putting frivolous and dangerous amendments on the ballot.