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Who We Are

Ruth's List Florida is fast becoming a political force in the state.
            -- Alex Sink, Former Florida CFO & Gubernatorial Candidate


Ruth's List Floridais dedicated to building a progressive Florida by recruiting and assisting pro-choice Democratic women to successfully run for public office in Tallahassee, in county commissions, in city councils, and in other key positions around Florida. Read More

Inspired and supported by EMILY’s List and top Democratic women leaders in Florida (see list of Advisory Council members, below), Ruth’s List was founded in April 2008. With EMILY’s List concentrating on electing progressive Democratic women to the U.S. Congress and other federal offices, Ruth’s List carries out the same mission for state and local offices in Florida.
We are making a real difference! Read what the candidates are saying about Ruth's List.

Ruth's List has been there for me from the very beginning. From the intense "hands-on" campaign training to the valuable resources, Ruth's List is a must for any candidate. I will be forever grateful to Ruth's List for their belief in me.
 --- Candidate for Florida House


Ruth's List is valuable to me, not just for the outstanding training programs, but for the dedicated personal attention and information ... makes me feel like I am the only candidate in the state.

--- Candidate for Florida House


Thank you to Ruth's List for an exceptionally organized and informative campaign seminar...I thank Ruth's List for all they've done and look forward to continuing my relationship with them.

--- Campaign Manager


In its first year, Ruth’s List helped four Democratic women candidates win seats in the Legislature. In the 2010 election cycle, Ruth’s List continued its track record of success in an extremely difficult environment.  In August, every one of our endorsed candidates with a primary won their primary.  In November, Ruth's List training, coaching, and other assistance helped nearly all our high-priority candidates beat their opposition in voter turnout, despite the un-stoppable "red tide."


Who Is Ruth?

Ruth's List is named for Ruth Bryan Owen, the first woman elected to Congress from the South. Ruth successfully ran for office in 1928 and represented a swath of Florida that stretched from the Georgia line to Key West. Read More