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Florida has the chance to provide free medical insurance to more than one million families making less than $30,000 per year. But the leaders of both chambers (radical Republicans each) have refused to give the issue any traction.


Special thanks to author and historian Doris Weatherford (and Ruth’s List Advisory Council member) for researching this information for us.

Ever think about the first Black female state legislator?  You may know, from publicity at the 1994 centennial, that the first white women – three of them from minor parties -- were elected to the Colorado House in 1894.  It takes a lot more research, though, to come up with the first Black woman.


"Once again,  our progressive, Democratic women champions in the legislature stand up for the middle class.  Thank you, State Senators Arthenia Joyner, Geraldine Thompson, and Eleanor Sobel for calling for expanding federally-funded health care to a million poor Floridians."